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As “Google Maps” pictures are updated it is difficult to keep up to date. But at the time of writing (Jan 2013) here is a link to the Google Maps picture that is pretty detailed. Just above the centre is a large field with a single white dot in the centre. That is the old polo pitch and squash court. The Kaptagat Arms is the enclusure to the right of that. The trees on the left side of the road are where the river and waterfall are. The school is just below the centre of the picture. A large white rectangle, the swimming pool, is the most distinctive feature.

Quite a few pictures and other bits now in our gallery. If you think you can correct or add to the name lists e-mail Andyrxxx at

New additions (2013) in red

Buildings and scenes
Main entrance Dining room Classroom block A girls dorm
The main buildings Car park 1965 End of term April 1962 Kaptagat Arms Hotel
Main entrance 2001 Classroom block 2001  In the Fosters Garden
See also the section on Kaptagat today
Horse riding 1947 Riders and parents 1947 The famous musical ride Musical ride (ii)
Riders 1962 Riding picnic 1962 (i) Riding picnic 1962 (ii) Gymkhana 1962 or 3
Gymkhana 1963
People and activities
Boys dorm 2 1960 Mr West & the choir Archie Frazer & the stamp club A junior class
Mr Jupp & the art room Drama – Julius Caesar Junior drama 1957 “The Weather” The Bazleys and others
Kabaka visit 1965 (i) Kabaka visit 1965 (ii)
Other memorabilia
Letter from Mr Jupp Autographs 1962 School plays 1959-61 Letter to parents 1963
Formal full school photos
1948 1956 1957 1958
1959 1960 1962 1963
1965 1966
Other formal school photos
Mixed hockey c.1943 Girls hockey 1953 A class in ?1956 Cricket 1958
Rugby 1958 Leavers 1958 or 9 Cricket 1960 Cricket 1961
Rugby 1961 Prefects 1962 Prefects 1963 Leavers 1963
Soccer 1963 Hockey 1965 Soccer 1965 Rugby 1965
Choir 1965 Choir 1966 Rugby 1966 Rugby 1970
Rugby 1979

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