Various plays, the programme and cast

Material supplied by Adrian Hammond

(performed 1961)
(picture by David Jupp or who?)
Alcibiades Clarendon-StratfordNicholas Robinson
Spider (a footman)Richard Green
Lady Juanita Leavesden Amiel Osmaston
Lord Eustace Leavesden David Trussell
Mr Louphole (a lawyer) Peter Hartley
Lady Mildred Clarendon Stratford Astri Cordery
Briggs Geoffrey Collier
Lord Ashley Clarendon Stratford John Vowles
Hon Fitzwilliam Clarendon Stratford Andrew Russell
Lady Pandora Clarendon Stratford Mary Robinson
Nanny Iona Gordon
Jenny (Kitchen maid) Christine Cooper
Miguel Antony Bernacca
Manco Kerry McLean
Tomoto Christopher Wild
Inca soldiers Jeffrey Fazan, Adrian Hammond
Tolo, Manco's servant Julia Wareham
Yuka (dumb son of Manco) Barbara Gordon
Sun God (The Duke of Langley) David Jupp
Javaro Indians Kerry McLean, Richard Green, Adrian Hammond, Rosalind Clapham
Chief Dancer Christine Cooper
Javaro Chief Jeffrey Fazan
Witch Doctor Howard Bennett
Mr Skeffington Jallow Timothy Belknap
Morris Dancers Richard Green and Kerry McLean
Produced by Jane Chitty and David Jupp
Stage Managers Neil Inglis and Vaughan Humphries

(performed 1960)
Jim Hawkins Lucy Hodges
Pew Barbara Mullock
Flint David Jupp
Widow Hawkins June Rollinson
Black Dog Georgina Graham
Israel Hands Gray Goodman
Dirk Kerry McLean
Johhny Tony Bernacca
Dancers Valerie Harris, Lorraine Will
Squire Trelawny Richard Doggett
Dr Livesey Josephine Cooper
Long John Silver Anna Bancroft
Ben Gunn Andrew Russell
Capt Smollett Dudley Owen-Thomas
Produced by Jane Chitty and David Jupp
Costumes Mrs John
Make-up Jane Chitty and David Jupp
Choreography Felicity Drake
Music Peggy Homer

(performed 1960)
King Richard II Michael Winterson
John of Gaunt Anthony Start
Edmund, Duke of York Archie Rollinson
Henry Bolingbroke Rory Thompson
Bushy Alan Bailey
Green Peter Hartley
Earl of Northumberland Peter Barker
Bishop of Carlisle Andrew Bax
Abbott of Westminster David Scarse
1st Gardener Richard Doggett
2nd Gardener Geoffrey Collier
Attendants to Gaunt David Scarse, Gerald Mullock
Man-at-Arms John Edwardes
Page Annemarie Page
Queen Anna Bancroft
Lady-in-Waiting Felicity Wheeler
Produced by John Bax and Gillian Parke
Stage Managers Archie Fraser and Theo Pritchett
Scenery David Jupp
Make-up Gillian Parke
Costumes Eleanor Passmore, Gillian Parke, Jane Wilkins
Music Peggy Homer

(performed 1959)
Buttons Sally Harris
Cinderella Ann Owen-Thomas
Arabella Andrew Bax
Miralda Michael Winterson
Courtiers and their ladies Valerie Harris, Adrian Hammond
  Graham Pitts, Lorraine Will
  Richard Wilkie, Kathleen Ellson
  Kerry McLean, Barbara Boseley
Herald Stephanie Waldren
Ragman Andrew Russell
Baron Knobalach Dudley Owen-Thomas
Fairy Godmother Valerie Harris
Prince Charming Elizabeth Blackwall
Pages Heather Rowan, Christopher Stuart-Smith
Produced by Jane Chitty
Assisted by Hazel Fuller and David Jupp
Wardrobe Irene Lacey
Make-up Jane Chitty and David Jupp

(performed 1959)
Antonio, a merchant of Venice John Belknap
Bassanio, his friend John Horwood
Salarino Marcus Perry
Gratiano Rory Thompson
Lorenzo, in love with Jessica Timothy Jarman
Shylock, a rich Jew Richard Bax
Portia, a rich heiress Frances Winterson
Nerissa, her maid Penny Reader
The Duke of Venice Michael Timms
Clerk to the Court David Pritchard
Jessica Sally Harris
Producer John Bax
Stage Manager Archie Fraser
Scenery David Jupp
Costumes Mary Edgington
Wardrobe mistress Angela Phillips
Make-up Gillian Parke
Music Peggy Homer