This page links to a few reports from those who have been recently to the school and the area and some pictures. Recent pictures of the entrance and classroom block are linked from the main pictures page. Top item added recently.

 A youtube video, taken in October 2008 by Peter Kirkegaard. It is in term-time so there are some pupils shown.

 Andy Russell's pictures, Dec 2007, including waterfall and hotel.

 Lucas Mboya's 2003 pictures

Richard Fishlock (pupil in 40's) visited at end of 2003 and says:

Went to the school. Met the Headmaster and lots of kids. They pay about $500 a year. The buildings were in a very poor state, dorms leaking etc. They desparately need money and books. Richard wonders if anyone wants to help, organise some kind of fundraising and gifts.

 Jeff Omwella

 Alphonse Aogulla

 Jay Bawcom

 Hayden Macadam's 2001 pictures
(Takes quite a while to download all the pics)

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