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Welcome to the site. Bit boring, but then I'm not really a Web fundi.

What's new? -
Updated (again) January 2011 - More names in Alumni. A few more pictures, some from the very early days. Cast lists for school plays 59-61 and a letter to parents Dec 1962 (both in the "pictures and maps" section). In the "Kaptagat today" section I have shown a youtube link to a recent visit recorded on video. A couple of new reminisences.

If you have contacted us but your name still isn't in the alumni list, can you e-mail us again. We know we have lost a few contacts through computer crashes or carelessness - apologies

Disclaimer: Information on these pages is unchecked and unofficial, being compiled in the main from people's memories. Corrections, additions etc. to any of the pages are welcome, emailto: AndyRxxx at blueyonder dot co dot uk

Note I have spelled out @ and . in all e-mail addresses on the site. This is an attempt to foil web crawlers that look for e-mail addressees to send junk mail to.

Pippa McGimpsey (nee Williams) started this all off and she maintains the contact list (see Alumni). Her address is pipnz at xtra dot co dot nz

Alisdair Tait has registered the domain name --- kaptagat.com, and also arranged to hold the web pages on a more normal host. Asante saana.

There are at least two sites run by dot.com's (I know of "gradfinder" - recently taken over by "friendfinder" and "yahoo(groups)" ) who have grabbed every school name in the world and set up potential contact groups for each school. They ask you to join or subscribe to post your name and messages. Alphonse Aogulla is managing the yahoo groups site - quite a few photos, memories and chat. There is also "Friends Re-united". There is now a facebook page as well. A Loreto convent web page has taken over part of the defunct Funga Safari web page with links to lots of other Kenya schools.

A number of people have said that their e-mail addresses can appear on the alumni list. This saves me work if people want to contact you - they can do so directly and not via me. But warning! The web site now comes up on web searchers (probably because of the registered name), and the world can now read your e-mail address. This may result in spam. I hope omitting @ and . makes that less likely.

December 2003 Auckland re-union. From left to right Rosemary Gibbs (now Barling), Andy Russell, Pippa Williams (McGimpsey)

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