Riding, in 1947
Picture from Colin Purchase, who says he's not on the photo as he was sick at the time.
Also sent in by Julian Russell
Left to right riders and horses are:
Jill Venning on Barney
Jenny Adams on ?
Phillipa Fletcher on Seymour
Deidre Tweedie on George
Lydia Royston on Pig
Toby Royston on ??
Julian Russell on Charm
Patrick Beresford on Zog
Richard hall on Chloe
Bobby (Tambo) Hammond on Bobbie
Michael Stephens on Jezebel
Nicky Peake on Diamond
Mary Foster on Blue Gown
Tadick Margagh on Susie
Una Parker on Joseph
Tommy?/Tony? Handley on ??
Rosemary ?? on Felix
Ian Parker on Jumbo
Muriel Gibson on Wizard
Jennifer Fletcher on Wajir
ZoŽ Foster on ??
Susie ?? on Ginger