Kate McKenzie

I was a teacher at Kaptagat very briefly form 1982-83. I was the Art teacher and also class teacher of about 24 6yr olds ( I can't remember what year they were called!)

Clive & Yvonne Rushbrooke were in charge at the time and a very lively bunch we were! There was Sue Miller who also taught Art and cooking (I think). John Boyd, who joined at the same time as me, taught Maths and Geography to the older pupils. Sue Wright arrived late in the school year and left early in the following year as she was involved in a car accident. Sally Pierce was the well known bird watcher and lots of fun, I think she taught Science. There was another Sue, but I'm afraid I can't remember her surname, and Nigel who loved climbing and taught PE and science (I think)

It is very sad to see how it has deteriorated from the photos taken a few years ago. I lived in a lovely bungalow not far from my classroom, which was directly opposite the swimming pool. It was a really interesting time of my life for me and an experience I will never forget. I have not kept in touch with any of the staff who were there with me , but have always wondered what they have got up to since I left.

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