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 Short notes from various people

 David Curry - good and bad times  David Trussell - appreciation of the Chittys
 Margot Hensen - a great experience
 Kate McKenzie --- teaching 1982-3  (amended) The Hyde-Clarke sisters. 39-45 wartime at Kaptagat
 Keith Ellson --- Unhappy years  Pete Comley --- Home-made ciggys and Montgomery fuses
 Mark Gibson --- Sweetie tins  Hugh Burt --- Crazes, Kingy, but not all fun
  Katherine McCullough --- muddy baths  Colin Purchase --- 1947 food, ants, and a bunk
 Keith Jones (staff) --- a great time as a teacher  Karim Lalji --- Old smelly (the tackie?)
 Karen Kendrick. Riding, the Fosters, etc.
 Nick Hogg - mid 60's  Carol Chitty
 Sam Worrall - some woes  Lucas Mboya. Kaptagat in the 70's. Games, food, fees
 Jenny Russell. Kiss chase, British bulldogs, mixed cricket  David Pritchard. Kaptagat in the late 50's.
 Malcolm Parry. Jacks, 'tanks', kisu (knives), etc.  Tim Belknap. Bronco. Debagging. Teacher's tantrums, etc.
 Alphonse Ogulla: Kaptagat in the 80's. 4 headmasters. Cock House. Kiss'n'chase  Chris Burn. Memories from 1949. Colonel Pratt the headmaster.
 Richard La Mare. On the receiving end of various punishments  Brian Vidler. The train; the 'bell'; the polio epidemic; horses; and much more
 Victor Ogutu. Horse rides and walks  Ken Matende on Army Worm, the tackie, Mr Tax, etc.
 Elizabeth Rogo-Ondieki remembers Mr Rushbrooke and Mr Tax  Lynette Thomas: Mrs Williams and Mr Jupp
 Andy Russell - The river  Alphonse Ogulla remembers Mr Rushbrooke and many more teachers and pals
 Odile Keane: The Fosters, and other memories

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