Keith Ellson

It is interesting to read the different experiences of past pupils at Kaptagat, most of these dependent, at least in my time and belief, on your relationship with the Chittys.
I was at Kaptagat from 59-65, the Chitty years. Not what I would call the happiest in my life!
For reasons beyond my control or understanding the Chitty's seemed to pick on me (also my sister and a few others in each intake) and subjected us to a lot of physical and verbal abuse during our time at school.
I was not good at maths, taught by Mr C, and for this failing I got caned on a regular basis, hit around the head in class and told unceasingly, until I believed it, that I was thick and good for nothing. Funnily enough I was always in the top three for History, English & Geography, maybe not so thick after all. Even getting a degree later on.
Many weeks were spent each term on report cards and of course suffering the consequences (three strokes for each NS) of having regular NSs - for maths coincidently. At one point I held the school record of 9 NSs in one week. A busy week for the cane.
In my opinion this was not a great way to teach, to encourage one to learn and build up your self esteem for later years!
I was, at the time, pleased to note Mr Tax's complete disdain for this system and would never give an NS on principle.
I guess I was an unlucky one and maybe many readers will think this is a bit over the top. But, like it or not, this was a fact of life at Kaptagat during that time for the chosen few and just be thankful you weren't one of them.

Good points at Kaptagat
Riding in the early days with Mary Foster, favourite horses were Gaylark & Bijou.
Mr Jupp was an excellent history teacher, even if he was a terrible snob, and instilled a love of the subject in me. His wall paintings also livened up a couple of the classrooms.
Mr Tax, he who smoked his '10Centis' during class, think of that today! He was a man of integrity and care.
Getting hockey colours. Bus rides to away matches and stopping off for sweets either in Nakuru, Naivahsa or Eldoret depending on where the match was.
Good friends at school such as Guy Bailey, Miles Logie, Susan Bainbridge and David Steadman who went on to Allhallows with me.
End of term - Going home!!"

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