Mark Gibson

My main memories are:
- riding lessons round the sizal fields - playing camps in the sizal fields (i.e. whole groups of kids setting up camps and running mock battles etc)
- the river with the smooth rocks great for paddling
- the ground hornbill that must have belonged to the headmaster, Bax
- pushing one of the teacher's ancient mtorbike around the quad trying to bump start it
- having a sweetie tin (which had to last between exeats), and personal peanut butter!
- exeats in Eldoret
- the death in a car crash of a visiting former teacher. I think it happened on an exeat day. She left the school before we were collected, and she overturned her convertible Triumph Herald on the road between the school and Eldoret. Does anyone else remember this? We drove past the car on our way to Eldoret later that day.

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