Nick Hogg writes

I live in the foothills of the alps in north Italy and the crisp air in the early morning often takes me back to standing in the queue outside the hall for assembly. Here are some reminiscences you might like to include:
- I remember the rugger team pushing Mr. Kelly's vintage Rolls up and down the drive to strengthen shoulders.
- Gymkhana and sports days with parents in attendence.
- Being taken to the Kaptagat Arms as a mid-term treat.
- Birthday parties in the dining room and one in particular complete with fireworks that led to some punishments, unheard of even for JC.
- I remember the official outfitters in Eldoret.
- On the toilet paper score, I remember we went without any for what seemed like months in 1963.
- I was responsible for collecting the films from JC's office and preparing them for Saturday cinema.
- The science block and Mr. Kelly's experiment to show us the power of air pressure, or the weakness of a vacuum (not sure which). He took a kerosene can, poured water into it, boiled the water, let the can fill with steam, put on the cap and let it cool. Magically the can crumpled before us. The only physics I still know.
- Learning the twist and the Madison with Miss Knowles to the accompaniment of Bert Kampfert's Swinging Safari.
- Finding a tick-ridden puppy and looking after it until JC discovered it and made us take to the African community that lived near the stables.
- A nine-mile ride at the end of one term, bareback, sore and perfectly wonderful.
- I remember the African staff pretty well and Mr. John the cook with one amazingly hot curry in my last year that most of us could not eat. The food on the whole I remember as being quite good.
- Writing letters home in class every Monday morning. My fortune was to have David Jupp as the teacher in charge of that task and he regaled us with stories about how he used to make up the content of the letter presumably because he thought nothing ever happened to us. One of our number took him at his word and wrote a letter about how Mr Tax's (I think) contract was coming to an end and he would be leaving the school shortly. We were not aware that letters were routinely read by JC who raised the roof at supper in the dining room and I think the unfortunate girl escaped expulsion only by a hair's breadth.

I have good recollections of several of my contempories but sadly hardly any of them yet appear on the alumni list.Where are you (Tim Hanson, Alan Milstead, Jomo Newlands, Niko Makris, Graham Newlove?) I see myself in all the situations mentioned by other correspondents: tacky, cuts, DT, hysteria, train rides, debagging, ?weird? teachers, talking after dark, the rough and tumble of the dorms etc. but the highlights are much stronger in my memory than anything terrible that happened and induced me to return with my new wife in 1990.

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