Jenny Russell

Alphonse Ogulla wonders how far back the Sunday evening kiss-chase was in existence. It was there in my time (1951-55) but I can't say that it was weekly or on Sundays -just whenever the boys started it up. The girls never initiated it! There was also another game - British Bulldogs - played on the field in evening free time. My memory is of something too rough for me, something like rugby tackling, falls onto hard, dry ground, bruises and grazes and running for one's life to escape capture. My other feared activity on that field was cricket. Way ahead of his time, the sportsmaster (who?) thought girls should play - mixed cricket. That very hard red ball would be bowled at me by some hulking great lad and I was petrified. When fielding I did my best to stand at Long Stop. I don't think mixed cricket lasted very long.

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