Amongst Richard Bax's archive is the official staff list for 1970(?) which might have been an insert in a brochure or a circular to parents. It lists:

J N Bax - Headmaster
- assisted by
J M Dunn - Maths, Science and Art
A Lovat Frazer - Geography and Divinity
Mrs J R Gill - French
Mrs M C Logan - History and English
Mrs P R Macadam - Music and Singing
E M Phair - English
H G Roberts - Maths, Physics and Chemistry
L J Tax - Latin, Greek and Kiswahili
Miss G M Hughes - Form III
Miss J M Robinson - Form II
Miss G MacLeod - Form I
- visiting staff
C D Cullen - Horse riding
Mrs J Musson - Ballet
Miss C M Drakeley - English
- and
Sister - Miss A M Ould
Secretary - Mrs C M Jarvis

Medical Officer - Dr M D Taylor
Chaplain - Archdeacon J Adoyo

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