Odile Keane:

I knew the Fosters very well, and continue to keep in touch with them. Zoe Foster was the Matriach - and I believe ran the riding school for many years. My Mother, Ann (Keane)Wollen, I am pretty sure continued with the riding school. I know I regularly rode to school, or had to walk across the pig paddock from the Fosters - which again terrified me as a six year old.
Balmoral and Malborough were two of the Houses (Andy R adds: those were for the girls. The boys Houses were Windsor and Sandringham). The things I most remember were: Squeaky door handle into assembly - letting every one know you were late! Playing rounders, or playing Ball against the walls, and when your ball went out of bounds that was that! End of story. Dreadful rest times in the dormitory, in silence - agonisingly long and boring. Purple / Maroon uniform. Learning to do long division! The tunnel at the waterfall, sliding down it on your jumper

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