David Trussell

I was astonished to see the negative comments made on the Chittys and the school in general, by a number of contributors who seemed to have been scarred by the place.

I think it would be hard to find a better school environment for any child to grow up in. Every time I set out a Maths problem, I use Jimmy’s layout. Every time I write a letter, it is with Jane’s words still ringing in my ears.

Many years after I left Kaptagat, I went to Kenya for a holiday from the UK, and bumped into Jimmy at a petrol station. He offered jobs to my girlfriend and I, and we tought at The Banda School for a couple of terms. He and Jane Chitty seemed little changed, and I had a wonderful time teaching a huge range of subjects. It was also interesting sharing a staff room with David Jupp. I was never one of his favourite boys, as I had zero artistic talent, and little sense of history, but it was interesting to get to know the man.