Margot Bureaux (nee Hensen)

I was table head, dorm head and prefect then head girl. I remember going with the head boy to give invitations to the year end party etc. I held the position with such fond memories, you just can't imagine.

Nicki Partridge and I had to leave school just before the big trip to see the full eclipse of the sun (1973). She had been left in my family's care as hers had already returned to England. She held a British passport and British were being evacuated from Uganda. I had had appendicitis, bringing my mother out of Uganda - quite an ordeal - and the Canadian Government, once they met her in Nairobi said she wasn't going back. Anyway, the long and short of it is we both left school early and at the same time to return to England/Canada.

At our last assembly I was given an incredible honour by being given my school colours a second time, for netball. First time in the school's history. They gave me such a wonderful goodbye and I received a standing ovation as I walked down the aisle to receive my award.

Anyway, Kaptagat was the most wonderful experience for me as I was given a chance to shine as never before.

I've read the terrible accounts of other students and their experiences there, I feel really badly - I really didn't see any of that. I think it was a good time to be there with one Head Master leaving and Mr. Rushbrooke being so new and all. He was quite open to new ideas.

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