Elizabeth Rogo-Ondieki:

I am now in Huston. A few years ago I was in Halifax, Canada with Ken Matende. We attend the same university...but you wouldn't know it since we hardly bump into one another....oh the student life! I was at Kaptagat just after Ken had completed, but didn't know of him until he met me at the university library last year. I must say it was a real thrill meeting him as we "Kappies" are a rare breed. Like Ken, Kaptagat holds sweet memories for me. My sisters (2) and I were actively involved in many areas. At that time Mr. Rushbrooke ("Rushie") was in charge, and boy didn't he rule with an iron cane. I last heard he was dying from lung cancer in England. Mr. Tax must have been around when you were there. In case you didn't know he passed away in the 80's but left two lovely children (Sammy) and Petronila; she was just a wee one when he passed away. Mr. Tax was what made Kaptagat a haven for many of us. Mythology and Latin, which he taught, were some of the most popular classes to take. My baby brother went to Banda and has just completed his "O" levels at Harrow. The Banda is doing very well. Never met Chitty but we all know of him. I don't know if you wore the awful school uniform of maroon, grey and blue (yikes!). The only thing we liked were our Panama Hats and blazers.

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