Hugh Burt

I attended the school from 1960 to 1962 and ended up loathing the place because of Chitty's propensity for corporal punishment. Shame really, as the school should have been a wonderful experience.

Things I remember, in no particular order, are :-
"Mountaineering" along the outside end wall of the classroom block using just the cracks in the brickwork. (Didn't find this of any use whatsoever when I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro).
The school crazes, in particular, marbles, hopscotch, "the splits", and best of all, cap guns, until Mrs. Chitty had them all confiscated.
Playing for hours with plastic soldiers on the far football field.
Standing in the hot sun during the lunch break outside Chitty's office because of an "NS" on my report card.
Queuing up outside the SAN to get a daily spoonful of malt.
Making wooden propellers to hold out of the windows of the school train.
Making cotton reel tanks and playing for hours with Dinky racing cars pulled along by a piece of string tied to a stick.
Tying strands of long grass together to make a loop so as to trip people up.
The fish and chips that some American kid's parents sent him from Ethiopia.
Bernacca's weird bowling action - never seen anything like it since.
Playing "Kingy" and "British Bulldogs".
Telling new boys all about the "third term bashing" they had coming to them.
Looking for chameleons in the hedges.
Mr. Jupp playing mahjongg and his odd tantrum.
Looking to see if Chitty's white Merc was in the garage before we were due to have him for Latin.

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