Colin Purchase

I was there in 46/47 while my Father was working for the Sudan railways as an architect. The headmaster in those days was Colonel Pratt.

Of course horse riding was one of the important subjects and scouts was just being introduced, which Pratt was not really in favour of.

My memories are the dancing classes and the Saturday dances with the Girls and boys coming together in the Hall, The food was pretty ordinary Macaroni Cheese. I detested it and had to eat it with plenty of bread and butter to get it down. Favourite was the Chocolate pudding !!

Remember learning to write running writing and when going to Brentwood School in England had to start all over again.

I also remember running away due to being threatened with the strap, ending up with some of the local tribes and eventually being captured after some hours as it was getting dark.

My other memory is lying on the playing field and having my head covered with driver ants.

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