Katherine McCullough

I was there ca. 1969/70 for a couple of years and have quite a few memories. Remember being made to eat scrambled egg by Ma Tom (name we knew her by). Also remember Foster's farm and swimming in the duck pond. Walks in the river and the Wattle Woods. Remember the bathroom and waiting for your turn in the bath to come round - very muddy water, I seem to remember. There was a portrait of Jomo Kenyatta and one of the Queen in the Hall. Tuck shop on Saturdays with toffee bars and those large lollipops with a flower on for sale. Films being shown. Writing out Hiawatha for prep in the dining hall. Awful uniform (straw boater and blazer) to be worn when out on an 'exeat'. Various other memories. It would be nice to know of anyone else who was there at that time. I remember a family called Jensett (Peter, Anna and Edit) - wonder what happened to them. Also Annette Macabe and Belinda Nychart spring to mind. Annette was a prefect in my dorm who liked to have her feet tickled as she was going to sleep, by the person in the bunk below. Usually me, unfortunately!

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