Keith Jones writes

I was a teacher at Kaptagat (Physics and Chemistry) from 1968 (Part Time) to 1971 (Full Time). My name is Keith Jones and I was the first Project Engineer for the East African Seismic Survey, prior to Bob Gill. My wife, Margaret, was the San Sister following the departure of Audrey Payne.

I also remember Clementine Jarvis (Clemency). I took her son to Nairobi Hospital when he had a fish bone stuck in his throat. I don't know of her whereabouts though. I saw Ma Evans when she was at the Banda just before she died.

I have a large number of photographs taken during the late 60's and early 70's if anyone is interested. I also have a few taken on a return visit in about 1989/90 ish. My wife would remember the date more accurately.

Nice to see that Kaptagat is still remembered. I had a marvellous time there. Teachers during my era were as follows: - Jimmy Chitty (Headmaster), Jane Chitty, Archie Fraser, Molly Logan, Pauline Macadam, Lawrence Tax, David Jupp, Hugh Cowie, Sean Jackson, Margaret Jackson, Clementine Jarvis (Secretary), Danny Walmseley, Mrs. Gill (Bob Gill's wife), Charlie Cullen (Horse Riding), Audrey Payne (San Sister), Margaret Jones (San Sister), Mr & Mrs John (Cook and House Keeper), Ma Evans (House Keeper). There was a Roger something who used to play a guitar and teach cricket etc.

I used to rent the cottage owned by Robert and Francis Foster down by the river. I also remember the Kaptagat Arms when it was a Pub and owned by Bobby Tyers. I stayed there for three months in 1968.

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