Karim Lalji writes

Random Thoughts in no particular order. Anthony Worrall doing the sit ups and being ball boy for the golf balls, knuckles being rapped in class after failling to answer the memorization games. End of term house raids and the farts in the lunch room by MR W.. the carpentry classes, nyabs and gilly danda ( I believe the rules were modified cricket and baseball but who really knows).

Weak juices and meagre snacks at break time, the Saturday shops to buy stuff that probably already belonged to someone. The marmite on bread as a treat, trying to get into the nurses when classes just became too much. The dashes to the pool and the cross country runs and the rugby practice that I never made. The kapagat airforce. The short sheets in the beds, and old smelly with the treads on the bum for weeks.

I am in Boston now

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