Ken Matende writes:

I was in Kaptagat from around 1969 to 1974. I have very fond memories of Kaptagat. I am glad that I attended the school. As Kaptagat Alumni Mark Warwick and I have have been corresponding with Liz (in Halifax) and Mary Thuo (in Pennsylvania). I currently reside in Vancouver but schooling in Halifax.
Does anyone remember the periodic invasions of army worms on the school playing fields? They used to become a writhing mass of green and yellow.
I remember 'Chiity, Chitty Bang, Bang' with his ferocious attacks on the behinds of anyone who went astray. Mr Rushbrooke was even worse in his use of corporal punishment. I remember him telling me to bend over, touch my toes, and 'enjoy'(!) the pleasures of his size eleven tackie. Why did I receive this? Because I hit his wife on the hockey pitch (remeber where it was? ... just after Fernickity's Den) with a hockey ball, quite unintentionally. Incidentally I was hockey captain at the time and ended up giving up the sport!!!
Do you recall the school photographs we'd take by the swimming pool. There was a chap who used on of those really old cameras and hid in a black cloth.
I remember Richard Walugembe who was the first 'African' prefect. I was so inspired by his leadership and I became the first African head prefect a few years later. I was shocked to hear Richard has since died.
Mr Tax was one unique person. I can never forget him smoking 'nyota' (the cheap cigars). He taught me carpentry and Swahili. He offered one Maasai (100 shillings) to anyone who could catch a crow, and he said he taught crows to talk.
Mr Tax never put on long trousers - those well ironed khaki shorts of his! I remember him putting his arm on my shoulder during a Greek Mythology class and proclaiming "Hapana fikiri kijana" ... you can't do it. He got carried away with his Latin classes till we nearly missed lunch.

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