Malcolm Parry writes

Hi - I went to Kaptagat in 1955 or so and left in 1957/8 I think. Mr Chitty was the head there and I was only ever in the younger dormitory. I remember the food was not very nice, taking paludrin each day (ed: Kaptagat was too high for malarial mosquitos, but at the start and end of each term people coming from or returning to malarial areas had to take paludrin) and crazes of jacks, pick up sticks, cotton reel and elastic band tanks, macouttie (palm leaf roofing) shacks, cooking grass hoppers on the sanitorium fire and eating them (funny the kind of digusting thing you do when you are 6 or 7 years of age, and games with knives called splits, polio in the school and the journey home in a train to Gilgil. Mr Fraser was the house master and Lady Baden Powell visited the school. I have keen memories of the place. My sister Lesley Parry was also there with me. I had a friend called Mike Power that I really missed him when I went to Nakuru School, although the food was better. God that was all such a long time ago it seems so remote.

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