Lucas Mboya

When I was there Mr Rushbrooke was the headmaster. His wife is in the UK or Spain last I heard. Neil (his son) was in the same class as myself. There was also a younger sister Helen. A most excellent family. Mr Tax was the mythology teacher, some other teachers: Miss Jack. Miss Roselli, Mr Andrews who had his eye on me always and a terrifying way of teaching maths. (the whole class had to stand on their chairs and he would walk round with 12 or so rulers in his hand asking at randon what x times x was and dealing ruthlessly with anyone who could not answer in 10 seconds) needless to say I didn't do well in maths. Harry Pachet, Mrs Jarvis, Mrs Jones. Mr Dick Lauder and Miss Gordon Jones (very close) I wonder whether they ever went on to get married. Miss Dobson, Mrs Evans (the boys matron) Miss Atika (girls matron), Mr Grieves Cooke. An old asian fellow Mr Singh was the school engineer and kept the generators running.

We had two generators one for 'load' running that is early evenings and another that automatically came on at about midnight. Kaptagat had all the sporting facilities of a modern day school even back then. We played hockey, rugby, cricket, swimming, tennis, squash,rounders, football (not competitively) and had all the equipment to boot.

Our common rivals in rugby cricket and hockey were Pembrooke (we lost every rugby match but one which we drew). St Andrews Turi, we beat them most of the time in most games, Greensteds, Greenacres, and Hill school who would field guys up to 17 years old in our rugby matches. None of us were over 12 yrs old. All Kaptagat boys longed for the day they would be selected to play rugby for the school. It was with great pride that one pulled on the maroon and white striped, double seamed rugby shirt to represent the school.

The normal uniform was grey shorts (no trousers) navy blue short sleeved shirts and maroon pullovers. Black shoes with grey stockings with a double maroon band at the top. Kaptagat is not all gone. This uniform lives on in the Banda school in Nairobi. A sister school to Kaptagat, also owned then by the Chitty family. The school badge and motto are the same 'Ardus ad Stellas'

Food; Kaptagat had the best food I can remember. Only Turi had better meals. My favourites, bread and butter pudding, rhubarb crumble and the spaghetti bolognaise was to die for. I wonder where those cooks are now.

We had two houses Taurus and Orion. Taurus wore green sweatshirts Orion yellow

Kaptagat was one of the most expensive schools in the country. In 1979 our parents were paying KShs 7,200 per term at an exchange rate the of about 13-17 KShs per US dollar. Do your math. Prep was 7-7:30 pm for juniors up to 8pm seniors. lights out at 8 juniors 8.30 seniors. Weekend entertainmemnt; play till your dizzy, giddy and anything else. Films or disco on Saturday night and a play from any class on Sunday evenings. Had a nice old hall with fabulous stage and lighting. Had a fully equiped lab too. Will try to get some photos and send to you.

Kaptagat was sold to the Afican Inland Church sometime between 1980 and 1982.

Kaptagat: the best days of my life were spent there - Lucas Mboya

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