Carol Chitty
(Staff - Niece of JALC)

I was a teacher at Kaptagat from Sept 1966 for about 18 months and then went on to the Banda for about another year. I was at the Banda when John Bax and his wife Margaret were there. While I was at Kaptagat my name was Carol Chitty. My father was Jimmy's older brother. Jimmy was the Headmaster of a school in Ceylon shortly after the war and I remember how delighted he was when one day a former pupil from that school turned up at Kaptagat to enroll her child. He was housemater at the Dragon School Oxford when he met and married Jane. Caroline was just a baby when they came to Kaptagat. I remember him saying if I ever happened to qualify as a teacher there was a job for me - so I took him up on it. I remember having a pet bushbaby which was not an altogether good idea. It escaped eventually. I think you have mentioned most of the staff I knew. I also remember Audrey the matron.
I spent one Christmas almost alone at the school and had a wonderful Christmas dinner with the Fosters and the Africans come outside my room singing carols. It was magical. I also remember that the rain used to arrive at almost the same time every afternoon when we were playing games. And there were huge doodlebugs that came out at night. When I was there with the Baxes I lived in a tiny house which I think has gone.

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