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Chris Porozny
We all have fond memories of the school, and especially of Mr. and Mrs. Rushbrooke and the mother of all matrons, Mrs. Evans -- "Now stop that racket or I'll boonce ye down the corridor".

Petronilla (Nila) Tax
my friend had found the site read me out the description of dad (Mr.Tax) and i told him that that was a very good description of him.the only thing that bothered me was someone describing me as being a wee one when dad passed.i was definately not that young. anyway i have really good memories of kaptagat

Danny Walmsley
ex Eldoret and a staff member during 1968/69 involved with science and sport. I remember the school as the most wonderful place I have ever worked in. The environment, the kids, the activities, the Kaptagat Arms, the fishing and the waterfall.

Mark Warwick
My memories are filled with beatings from Jim Chitty, NS Cards, Mr Tax - teaching Latin, Mr Jupp - teaching Art, Mr West - teaching music, Bobby Tyres managing the Kapatagat Arms and so on. Mad contact with Andy Hogg and a few late comers after out time.

Gareth Thomas writes:
I was at KPS between the years 1958-1963. What character forming years those were...between dodging Jane Chitty, the tackie and cane of Jim, and being swamped by the kindness of Archie Fraser. Sigh...

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