Founded 1936 By the Fosters on land on their farm.

 Initially took children from age 5 to 14 (the Kenya school leaving age at the time) although many left at 11+ after the KPE (Kenya Preliminary Exam) to go elsewhere.

Uniform was khaki shorts and dark blue cotton shirts and dresses. Maroon jerseys. Grey felt hats.

During the Mau-mau rebellion, there was a platoon of Askaris stationed in the school in the wooden building at 'Fernicketes' in the far corner of the playing field.

A wooden tuck shop was in the centre of the quad. Knocked down in about 1957. Every Saturday afternoon there was a rush to get in the queue. Prefects served in the shop. Once the shop was knocked down, tuck was sold from the school secretary's office next to the staff room.

 A banda was built in the quad. At one stage this was used as a classroom.

 Many pupils took horse riding lessons, organised by the Fosters. The "Musical Ride" became well known in the Highlands region, and was performed before Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at the Eldoret show (1958-ish).

 Second master, and boy's housemaster Archie Fraser. Retired 1970-ish.

 Jim Chitty became headmaster from Sept 1956. He bought the school from the Foster family soon after and set about modelling it as a U.K. type prep school. Adopted the 'Pegasus' shield and an RAF-like motto (arduus ad stellas). Altered the uniform: royal blue aertex shirts. Blue check gingham dresses. Maroon jerseys. Maroon blazer. Panama hats for girls, maroon caps for boys. Cut the new entrance road and started a new building programme. Hall extended. Space between girls dorms and hall filled in with the San. Four more classrooms on the classroom block. Two more boys dorms below the stairs. The 'banda' removed. On the far side of the playing field the fine fir trees and hedge removed and a new boundary put in place some 50 yards further out.
Jim Chitty introduced 'Houses', Windsor and Sandringham for boys and Balmoral and Marborough for girls. Each year the boys and girls house winning a set of competitions would be invited to the Cock House party, with food and dancing.

 Lady Baden-Powell visited the school in 1957. A pageant of St George and the Dragon was enacted in the Foster's garden for her.

 1961 Additional boys dorms, changing room and 2 or 3 single staff bedsits at the end of the block. Carpentry workshop near the tennis courts.

 1964? More classrooms and the swimming pool

 1970 - the end of an era. Jim Chitty departs to lead the build up of his second school - The Banda - in Nairobi (founded 1964-ish). John Bax returns (from the Banda) as Headmaster. By now the Houses are renamed to get away from British royalty! - Orion and Taurus (and others?).

 mid-70's - Clive Rushbrooke becomes headmaster and will be so for about 10 years.

 mid-80's - The school is sold by Chitty to the Africa Inland Church - a Kenyan based offshoot of the (US based) Africa Inland Mission. Some inevitable turbulence, witness 4 headmasters in 4 years.

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