The 1962 Brochure


(From Richard Bax's archive. Quite a few pictures from this brochure are available from the maps and pictures page)



Founded in 1936 by the late Mr and Mrs Foster.

In 1958 the School was formed into a Limited Company with the present Headmaster as Managing Director.

The School is recognised as efficient and regularly inspected by the Kenya Department of Education.


The atmosphere of the school is frank and friendly. Consequently there is no multitude of vexatious rules. The School's life is grounded on the known principles of right living and appeal is made to live up to these principles. A candid atmosphere is the inevitable result.


Some further extracts:

... Over 12,000 has been spent on extensive additions in the last 5 years ...

... now has 35 girls and 90 boys ...

... piano, violin and recorder lessons are available at a fee of Sh84/- per term ...

... the fee for riding lessons is Sh90/- per term ...

... when parents take their children on leave for the whole term ... a retaining fee of Sh100/- per term must be paid ...



7.30 Breakfast

8.30 Prayers

8.45 Classwork begins. There are five 35-minute periods in the morning with a 45-minute "bun break" at 10.15.

1.10 Lunch, followed by a rest period of up to 90 minutes depending on age

2.30 Two class periods of 35 minutes each

3.45 Tea followed by games until 5.00 p.m.

5.30 Supper

6.30-7.30 Preparation according to age followed by cocoa and biscuits

7.00-8.00 Lights Out according to age


Morning the same as a week day

Afternoon: Detention from 3 until 5 p.m.

Evening: Cinema


9.30 Morning Service



Borders Sh1700/- per term

Day Sh600/- per term