Kaptagat Prospectus 1969

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  What is the procedure for entry?
        No charge is made for residence or for nursing in the sanatorium during term time. In cases of emergency or accident involving special visits by the Doctor or removal to Hospital the expenses incurred are met by the parents.
  Application for a place on the School's lists should be made to the Headmaster. It is advisable to enter a child's name as soon as possible.
  The normal age of entry is between six and nine years, though children are accepted at other ages in special circumstances.
  If a child is in the sanatorium for more than one night the parents are notified by letter.
          What are the arrangements for letter writing?
  It is contrary to the policy of the school to administer an entrance examination as children at this age are considered too young to have their future decided by this method. Nevertheless it is expected that all children be able to read, write and do simple Arithmetic before admission.
  Every Monday all children write a letter home under the supervision of their form master or mistress. Apart from the help required by the younger ones the letters are not read or censored in any way. It is very strongly held that a letter is a personal and private matter between the child and the parent.
  The Headmaster likes to meet prospective children and their parents but realizes that on occasions this may be impossible.
  In addition to their weekly letter children may of course write as many letters as they wish.
          What are the Exeat arrangements?
  What are the arrangements for meals?
      In each term there is a long half term when the children may sleep out for three nights. Arrangements can be made for children, whose parents cannot take them out, to stay at school but normally such children are asked out by their friends on these occasions.
  The menus and diet are under the direct supervision of the Headmaster's wife. There is a Catering Committee which includes a representative from each House.
  All meals are taken in the main Dining Hall. Members of the School staff take breakfast and lunch with the children.
    There are also two full day Sunday Exeats a term, one before half term and one after half term, when children may be taken out immediately after breakfast until 6 p.m.
  What are the arrangements for medical care?
  The physical development and health of the children are a first consideration. All children take part in regular School games, Physical Education and Swimming, unless excused by the School Doctor.
    In addition to the foregoing any child may be taken out on a Saturday from 12.30 to 6 p.m. (subject to detention work being finished) and on Sundays from when the Service finishes at 10.30 a.m. until 6 p.m.
  There is a School Sanatorium which is in the care of a fully trained and qualified State Registered Nurse.
    It is preferred that children are not taken out on the first or last weekends of term.
  The School Doctor visits the School every Wednesday throughout the term and at other times when called upon to do so. At the beginning of each term all new pupils are medically examined.
    Perhaps one of the distinguishing features of Kaptagat is the close liaison which exists between the School and parents. Parents are welcome to visit the school whenever they have the