Kaptagat Prospectus 1969


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  Pocket Money All children are asked to bring with them 20/- in cash at the beginning of term. This money is banked by the Bursar and may be drawn on from time to time for purchases from the Tuck Shop.
School Uniform
    Every endeavour has been made to keep the uniform as simple as possible. The School will buy second-hand uniforms in good condition for re-sale. A clothing list will be provided on application to the school secretary.
  Personal Property Children may bring back to school books, toys, games, modelling kits and anything that can be used for reasonable recreation. It is hoped that children will not bring expensive watches or fountain pens. Parents are nevertheless reminded that the School cannot accept liability for the loss of or damage to items brought to school, especially such things as tape recorders, transistor radios, gramophones and the like.
    The daily uniform consists of:-
    Girls: Grey pleated skirt with dark blue aertex shirt, or blue and white check gingham dress, maroon pullover and royal blue nylon socks.
    Boys:   Dark blue aertex shirt, khaki shorts and maroon
pullover and long or short socks.
      Each child has a locker which will hold a reasonable amount of possessions. There is no need to bring ink, this is provided by the school.
        All children must have a school blazer which is worn when going out.
  Comics The less lurid types of comics are allowed but their reading is limited to the weekends.
    It is particularly requested that all clothing, including hair brushes, suitcases etc. are clearly marked.
  Sweets At the beginning of term children should be provided with sufficient sweets to last them throughout the term. These sweets are handed to the matron and a suitable amount issued daily after lunch.
Registration and conditions of Entry
    Registration Fee Application for a place is made by completion of the Application Form which is sent to the Headmaster together with a Registration Fee which is not returnable.
      Sweets from the Tuck Shop are on sale on Saturdays.
  Tuck No 'tuck' is allowed except a birthday cake which children share with their friends.
  Entry Fee When a definite place has been offered and accepted, an Entry Fee is due. This fee is deducted from the last bill when the child leaves the School. Should the place not be taken up, this fee is not returnable unless at least three months' notice in writing is given that the vacancy is not required.
      The School will make all the arrangements for birthday parties so long as parents make their requests at the beginning of term.
  Fruit Fruit may be brought to the school but it must be consumed within twenty-four hours, with the help of friends if necessary.
  Retaining Fee When parents take their children on leave for the whole term and wish a place to be reserved in the school on their return a retaining fee for each child must be paid, otherwise re-admission cannot be guaranteed.
  Jams Jam, honey, Marmite etc. (but not in tins) may be brought back to school. The owner's name must be clearly marked on the jar.
    School Fees As the amount of the School fees may alter from time to time full information about fees is on the leaflet you will find in the back cover pocket of the prospectus. This leaflet also gives the current list of the names of the Staff.
      Instant Coffee and the like is not allowed.
Rules of entry and acceptance are set forth on the back of the Application Form which parents are asked to sign.

The Headmaster reserves himself the right without giving any reason whatsoever of refusing admission to any child or of requiring the immediate withdrawal of any child.

Bursaries A number of School Bursaries are available to enable parents, who otherwise could not afford full fees, to send their children to Kaptagat.
        The children of Clerks in Holy Orders are admitted to the School at half the normal fees.
        A reduction in fees of 20 per cent is made for children of parents, one of whom was a former pupil at Kaptagat.