Kaptagat Prospectus 1969

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Endowed Prizes
            The Prize for the most proficient Golfer founded and presented by Mr. A. L. Fraser.
      The Rawson-Shaw Prize for the Best Rider.
                      The Antony Start Prize for Nature, presented by John Start on behalf of his son Antony.
      The Rawson-Shaw Prize for the Victor Ludorum.
      The Victrix Ludorum Prize presented by Mrs. H. G. Foster.
        The Paseka Writing Prize established on behalf of their son Ian by Mr. and Mrs. Paseka.
  The Prize for the Best Scholar, founded and presented by Miss E. M. G. Taylor.
    The Dudley Owen-Thomas Cricket Cup, presented by Neville Owen-Thomas on behalf of his son Dudley.
      The Girls Relay Prize donated by Mrs. Furze.
      The Prize for House Conduct presented by John Harris. The Parke Prize for Acting established by Mrs. G. Parke. The Prize for the Boys Relay donated by John Horward.
    The Adrian Hammond Cup for Bowling presented by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hammond.
    The Jane Chitty Prize for Acting founded by Jane Chitty for the Most Promising Young Actor.

The Willet Prize for Boys 440 yards presented on behalf of Anne and Sheila.

 The Howard Bennet Cup for Batting donated by Mr. D. Bennet on behalf of his son Howard.

  Anne and Sheila.   

The Harris Prize for Netball, presented by John Harris on behalf of his daughter Sally

The Athletics House Cup for Girls, presented on behalf of Sally, Frances and Favel by their father.


The School Award for the Most Promising Musician presented by Miss Pauline Herniman.  

The Prize for Greek established by Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Fazan for Jeffrey and Gillian.


The Nandi Prize for the Best Progress in Riding founded by  the District Commissioner.  

The Doggett Prize for Achievement founded by Mr. Hugh Doggett on behalf of his sons David and Richard.

  The Edwardes Prize for Rugby Football, established by Mr. M. F. W. Edwardes on behalf of William and John.
    The Allen Prize for Cockhouse donated by Mr. Desmond Allen for his son Timothy.
  The Individual Conduct Prize, founded and presented by Bishop Russell on behalf of Sheila and Andrew.
        The Girls Cup for Hockey donated by John Harris.
                    The Quiggin Prize for History established by Daphne Quiggin on behalf of her daughters Genista and Cerinthe.
  The Reader Tennis Cup presented by Mr. and Mrs. Reader for Maralyn and Norman.
  The House Prize for Work established by Mr. Taylor on behalf of his son Hugh.
  The Glen Prize for Swimming donated by Mr. J. A. Glen on behalf of David
                                    Winners Western Kenya Rugger Trophy