Kaptagat Prospectus 1969

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  The Royal Drawing Society's two top awards — the Gold Star and the Silver Star Certificates — have been awarded to children of this school.
  Games We believe that games are to be played essentially for enjoyment.
            This is not to say that this School does not cherish its outstandingly high reputation for games; but it is able to maintain this standard without excessive pressure being brought to bear on those children who are not going to benefit and whose life would become a perpetual misery.
  Children are entered for the various Grades of the Royal Drawing Society Examinations.
Preparation The Preparation class in the evening from 6.30 to 7.30 which is under the supervision of various members of the staff, takes a number of forms.
    All children take part in games, to their varying degrees of ability, and instruction is given from the very earliest age.
  On Mondays the evenings are set aside for choir practice and the listening to records mainly of a classical nature.
      The major sports are Rugby Football, Cricket and Hockey for boys. Hockey and Netball for girls.
  On Tuesdays there is a quiz between various teams, either by Houses or Forms. Questions on Current Affairs and General Knowledge are included as well as those on ordinary school subjects.
      Other sports include Soccer, Athletics, Rounders, Squash, Tennis and Water Polo.
          The School's reputation for Rugby is particularly high: there have been five unbeaten sides in the last twelve years and the majority of boys go on to win their Colours at their Public Schools.
  On Wednesdays a more traditional written prep is held when children work on the Common Entrance Syllabus.
  On Thursdays the members of the Vlth Forms make prepared speeches and the best are adjudged by the plaudits of the senior boys and girls.
      Tennis is played by both boys and girls. Parents may wish to take advantage of extra tennis coaching during the weekly visits of an L.T.A. Coach.
  On Fridays the children study Kiswahili and also the history of the peoples of East Africa.
      Kaptagat was the pioneer Preparatory school in East Africa to encourage 'away' matches and school teams travel to all parts of Kenya in order to play other schools on their home grounds.
Swimming A large open-air swimming pool was the first project under a recent Appeal. The pool is 100 feet by 30 feet and 9 feet 6 inches at the deep end. There are 3 metre, 2 metre and 1 metre diving boards.
    In recent years two Old Kaptagat Boys have been awarded their 'Blue'. One at Oxford and one at Cambridge.
  The water is chlorinated and circulated daily through a filtration plant.
  Children are entered for and have had success in the Junior Kenya Swimming and Diving Championships held in Nairobi.
  A number.,of children at the School have been awarded their Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals for Proficiency in Personal Survival.
      Cambridge Cricket Blue