Kaptagat Prospectus 1969

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  Before detailed information is given later in the Prospectus, the following are some of the questions often foremost in parents' minds.
  time. Thereafter children may come either by car, train or aeroplane.
              Term always opens and closes at the weekends so that those who have to travel by car will not be too inconvenienced.
  What sort of School is Kaptagat?
  Kaptagat was founded in 1936 by the late Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Foster. In 1958 the School was formed into a Limited Company with the present Headmaster as Managing Director. It is recognized as efficient by the Kenya Department of Education and is periodically inspected at the School's request. Apart from a small number of bursaries the School has no endowments, and its only source of revenue is from the fees.
    At the beginning and end of each term the School arranges escorts on the train travelling between Kampala and Kaptagat and also Mombasa and Kaptagat. The official travelling day at the end of term is a Sunday when the Mombasa and Kampala trains leave Kaptagat Railway Station which is four miles from the School. Children who travel by road or air may leave on the Saturday if their parents wish.
  What sort of children come to Kaptagat?
      A new airstrip has recently been completed at Kaptagat about half a mile from the School. The following information may be useful.
  The School is an independent boarding preparatory school for boys and girls which is open to children of parents from all walks of life and of all nationalities. During the last ten years the numbers have risen from about eighty to one hundred and fifty. The School now accommodates ninety-five boys and fifty-five girls all of whom are boarders. There is no intention to increase the numbers in the school. Kaptagat is small enough for everyone to have some significance in the community and big enough to offer a wide range of opportunity, educational, athletic and artistic, to the varied interests of growing children. The Headmaster is enabled to know the children individually and intimately, as they move up the school.
        Dimension: 1100 yd x 50 yd. Elevation: 8000 feet. Runway Orientation: 70° Magnetic. Surface: Compact earth rapidly grassing over.
    Landings will be into the wind, but owing to the gradient of the runway, take-offs must be down wind. There is plenty of open space ahead of the runway for take-off.
              Where do children go when they leave Kaptagat?
  Where is Kaptagat?
          No children may remain in the School after the end of the term in which they have reached the age of fourteen. The majority of children on leaving Kaptagat go to a Public School in the United Kingdom, some may go to Grammar Schools or Independent Schools and some remain in East Africa to continue their schooling in East African Secondary Schools. It is advisable to register children's names as early as possible for Public Schools in the United Kingdom. The Headmaster will be only too pleased to help parents on their choice of school.
  Kaptagat is situated two hundred miles North West of Nairobi at an elevation of 7,800 feet on the Plateau of the Uasin Gishu. Kampala is two hundred and forty miles away in a Westerly direction. The nearest town is Eldoret sixteen miles distant. A tarmac road joins Nairobi to Kampala via Eldoret.
  The School is in a non-malarial area and the climate at all seasons is much the same as a late English Spring.
  How do children travel to and from Kaptagat?
    Parents who wish to seek financial aid for the secondary education of their children in the United Kingdom would be
      The majority of parents bring their children by car the first
  "Mrs. Zoe Foster, the Founder of the School, with her daughter and two sons"