Kaptagat Prospectus 1969


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J. A. L. CHITTY M.A. Headmaster of Kaptagat Preparatory School
since 1956
A Message from the Headmaster
I am very pleased to send you this copy of our Prospectus. I hope that it will give you a clear idea of our aims and our achievements at Kaptagat.

No Prospectus can be as valuable or as informative as a visit to the School. If you wish to meet me and to look around the School I shall be delighted to welcome you.

The best time to visit the School is during term time when the children are here and when the School is 'in action'. Weekdays or weekends are equally suitable but I should be grateful if you would let me know when to expect you: a telephone call (Kaptagat 1 Y 5) a week or so ahead is perhaps the most convenient way of arranging an appointment. It is very seldom I am away from the School in term time.

After meeting you I shall take you on a tour of the buildings and the grounds. If there is any special aspect which interests you please do not hesitate to mention it. Should you wish to meet any particular member of the staff I shall be pleased to introduce you.

Depending on your children's ages it may be a little early to discuss their school after they finish at Kaptagat. Nevertheless it is advisable to register their names at their next school as early as possible and should you be undecided I shall be pleased to help you in a choice of school. Girls normally leave here during the year in which they are twelve and boys when they are thirteen.

I should like to finish on a personal note. I have been in Kenya since 1956, I have been accepted as a Kenya Citizen and my wife and I have every intention of living out the rest of our lives in this country. I have every confidence that Kaptagat will have as many years in the future as it has had in the past.

    I shall look forward to meeting you.